What to drink when you exercise?

Everybody knows that it's really important to stay hydrated during the workout.

But what should you drink when you exercise?

Ordinary water is always a good choice.
However, nowadays there are a lot of other solutions like sports drinks, energy drinks, and different flavored water drinks.
Experts recommend flavored drinks when fluid replacement is needed during and after exercise.
A sports drink can do many great things to increase energy levels without the complications of digesting and absorbing a meal.
Basically, a sports drink offers your body three things it might need before, during, or after exercise:
- Hydration
- Fuel
- Electrolytes or Minerals

Energy drinks contain caffeine. There is clear evidence that caffeine is a non-harmful stimulant that provides performance-enhancing benefits, which can include improved endurance and reaction time.
In most cases caffeine stimulates alertness, motor skill, and concentration. But too much caffeine can cause the jitters, so don’t abuse.
Think about the length and the intensity of your workout and choose carefully the beverage that’s right for you!

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